Student Life

Academic Programs

Students are exposed to teaching methods that foster a high degree of success
while providing constant challenge.

The Laureate® Academy provides a full university-entrance curriculum at grade levels one through twelve with a strong emphasis on the academic "basics".
A variety of multi-sensory techniques are utilized in the instruction of these basic subjects.  In the area of language arts methods employed range from systematic instruction in phonological and orthographic processing to whole language approaches.  In the study of mathematics students progress from the concrete to the abstract through the use of hands-on materials and representative models.
In addition to the "basics" the Academy offers those courses as prescribed by the Manitoba Department of Education, such as literature, science, history, health and art.  In these courses students apply learned skills and strategies to content areas.  Students are also taught the organizational and study skills so vital to success in post-secondary school settings (such as note-taking, studying, and test-taking skills).
Students are taught the importance of good citizenship through our character education program which includes community service, mentor groups and literary readings from such collections as The Book of Virtues.  An emphasis on personal integrity is vital in preparing students for leadership in today’s society.
After careful evaluation, a specific program is designed to address each student’s own individual needs, providing appropriate instructional methods at levels which ensure him or her a high degree of success while providing constant challenge.

Athletics & Activities

An important aim of the Academy is to teach students the value of exercise and physical fitness.  Through the proper instruction of physical education activities, a student’s self-confidence can be significantly boosted.  As well, participation in games and sports teaches the value of teamwork and cooperation.  In addition to regular physical education classes, fitness, intramurals, and various club sports for all students, the Academy is a member of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association and fields Junior Varsity and Varsity teams in volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, and track and field.
Extra-curricular activities also provide students with opportunities to broaden their experiences or pursue personal areas of interest.  In addition to an active Student Council, students may get involved in such activities as Intramurals, the Yearbook Club, the Marathon Club, the Craft Club, French Club, Music Club, the Fitness/Weight Training Clubs, the Green School Club, the Drama Club, the Lego Club, the Green School Club and the Self-Defense Club.
Our Drama Club stages one major production each year, such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed in 2004, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, performed in 2006, Big Bad in 2010, and The Taming of LaRue and Shakespeare's Inferno in 2014.

Experiential Programs

Engaging the minds of students is often best accomplished through the use of hands-on experiences.  Each year the Academy plans various supplemental activities designed to revitalize the academic disciplines of the classroom.  These include our annual Social Studies Fair, our annual Science Fair, and Experiential Week.
The Social Studies Fair has provided a project-oriented study of various regions or historical time periods.  The study of each period or place culminates in an evening program for parents where the students take an active role in depicting their study creatively through drama and artistic presentations.
The Science Fair is the culmination of each student’s study of the scientific method.  First place winners compete in the Manitoba Science Symposium.
Experiential Week offers students a selection of educational programs beyond the   classroom, geared to enrich their learning experiences at the Academy.  These programs bring students to various sites around Manitoba, Canada, or overseas.

Download our 2104 Experiential Week brochure.