Reversing the Frustration Cycle

One of the most heart-breaking school experiences occurs when a child struggles to achieve in school. Despite the extra time spent on his/her work, both in school and at home, success is elusive; and this lack of success often leads to downward cycle of frustration, low self-esteem, and disenchantment with school and the educational process in general.

There are many reasons why a child might struggle to learn in school, but often the cause is a learning difference or learning disability (LD). LD students struggle to achieve in school despite their adequate, and often superior, level of intelligence. The problem is not in ability, but in how they process information and monitor their thinking and attention to a task.

When the processing difficulty lay in the phonological and sequential processing areas, for example, the student will have difficulty with reading and spelling (dyslexia). This student can still learn to read, but needs to first master specific phonological skills through a direct, systematic instruction with a reading program such as the Tattum F.A.S.T. Reading System used at The Laureate Academy as well as at the Laureate Learning Centre, its tutorial service for non-enrolled students.

Imagine the impact on the struggling student’s self-image when he begins to overcome his learning challenges and experience success in school. Mastering the reading, writing, math or study skills that once caused him constant frustration leads to a transformation in self-esteem and a new confidence in his ability to learn.

LD students who enroll at The Laureate Academy not only learn the necessary skills and strategies needed to master basic skills, but also gain metacognitive skills—the “how-to-learn” strategies that help them become independent learners. This enables them to pursue higher education goals at university or other postsecondary educational settings.

As one recent graduate noted, “The Laureate Academy changed my whole perspective on learning!”