The Faculty

Every teacher at The Laureate Academy undergoes a two-year, intensive training program.

Teachers are perhaps the most vital factor affecting the success of any educational system.  For this reason, our teachers are carefully chosen for their personal qualities of empathy, patience and sincere interest in children, as well as their competence in the teaching profession.
In addition to their university preparation and professional certification, all of our teachers undergo the Academy’s extensive training program during their first two years at the Academy.  This program assures the consistent delivery of academic programs and learning strategies from class to class and year to year.
Master Teachers train and closely mentor new faculty.  Thus, a team of professionals work together to bring the best possible educational service to the student.  This team approach is evident in the weekly teacher meetings held to discuss each student’s program and progress.  Such a team effort ensures a consistent approach to each student’s educational program.
Since most students respond best to a carefully structured environment where expectations are clear at all times, Academy teachers are committed to being firm, consistent and straightforward.  At the same time students find the faculty and staff to be positive, enthusiastic, deeply caring individuals.
At The Laureate Academy we often say that we are not in the business of "teaching", but, rather, we are in the business of "learning".  In other words, our faculty do not feel they have "done their job" simply because the content has been presented or taught.  Rather, we believe we have done our job when the content has been learned!