At The Laureate Academy we understand the downward cycle of frustration that results from continual struggles in school and the negative impact this may have on a child's self-esteem, productivity, and desire to learn. A repeated sense of failure can become so debilitating for a student that, when prolonged, it often leads to a disbelief in one's own abilities and an inclination to give up. Before long the natural, normal harmony of the home environment is negatively impacted as well.

This cycle of frustration and self-defeat can be reversed when teachers understand the underlying difficulties a student is experiencing. This kind of understanding requires specific training and experience, such as The Laureate Academy provides to all its teachers. Once a student is in a learning environment that understands and addresses his/her specific learning needs, the stress of anticipated failure gives way to a renewed belief in one's ability to succeed and, almost immediately, changes occur in the student's affect and outlook on education and schooling.

If your child is frustrated in school and needs a learning environment that places his/her needs first, we invite you to contact us to discuss your child's needs and learn how we can help.

Students who are accepted into The Laureate® Academy demonstrate at least average intellectual ability, yet often struggle to achieve in conventional school settings.  Often this is a result of a learning disability (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.) or attention deficits (ADHD). Such learning problems interfere with the students ability to perform academically, leading to frustration in school. These students thrive in the structured learning environment of The Laureate Academy that utilizes specialized methods to meet the individual needs of its students. 

The Laureate® Academy’s primary objective is to enable its students to fulfill their academic potential and instill confidence in their ability to achieve. This higher level of confidence, increased knowledge and competency in basic skills produce greater independence as a learner.
Parents interested in investigating a placement for their child, or those interested in receiving more information, should contact the Academy office. We will be pleased to arrange a personal interview or provide you with more information.

For current, detailed information on tuition fees and payment schedules, please contact the Academy directly.  Limited bursary assistance is available.
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Please note that there are a limited number of openings for new students each year. These openings are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis with students who best fit our admissions criteria. 


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