Friends of The Laureate Academy Inc.

The Friends of The Laureate Academy Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to students who need to access the specialized educational programs of The Laureate Academy, now in its 30th year.  Bursaries are made available to families in need of financial assistance through an application process.  Each application is reviewed by a committee appointed by the Board of Governors of the Friends and recommendations for bursaries submitted to the Board for approval.  Bursaries are then applied against the tuition owing for that student.


This Year's Golden Wings Gala will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019
at the Fort Garry Hotel 


Golden Wings Gala 

The Gala is a special evening of dinner, auctions, prizes, and entertainment.  All proceeds raised from this special evening benefit the Bursary Fund that enables children in need of financial assistance attend the unique program of The Laureate Academy.  















The Friends are grateful to all those who attend, sponsor, donate auction items, and otherwise help to make our gala such a success.  100% of funds raised go to the Bursary Fund which will enable many children to attend The Laureate Academy and reach their full potential.

If you or your organization would like to contribute to the Bursary Fund, contact The Laureate Academy at 204-831-7107 or