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Tutoring in Reading

In an effort to provide intensive reading instruction to non-enrolled students and adults, The Laureate® Academy opened the Laureate® Learning Centre in the fall of 1999.  The Laureate® Learning Centre provides intensive reading sessions utilizing the Tattum FAST Reading program, a remedial reading program based on the most current research in the field of reading.  The Tattum FAST Reading program was specifically designed for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.
Students wishing to enter the centre first receive a short diagnostic reading evaluation.  This assessment determines their starting point in the reading program.  Students then begin a two hours/day, two-week schedule of instructional sessions.  Parents of the students receive instruction on how to reinforce the tutorial lessons with homework each night.  This combination of daily intensive tutorials and nightly reviews lead to dramatic improvements in the student’s reading skills.
Parents interested in registering their son or daughter for one of the Laureate® Learning Centre’s reading sessions may contact the centre at (204) 831-8181 or The Laureate® Academy at (204) 831-7107.  Tuition for the tutorial session includes a placement assessment, all materials, and pre- and post-testing in reading.
The Laureate® Learning Centre is the Canadian training centre for the Tattum FAST Reading System.  Teaching professionals who wish to participate in a training workshop in the Tattum FAST Reading System may contact The Laureate® Learning Centre for a registration form.  Participants in the 4-day workshop will be fully equipped to begin using the Tattum FAST Reading System with their own students. 

Tattum FAST Reading System

Tattum FAST Reading is based on the most current research in the field of reading and is experiencing extraordinary success with students, averaging over 2 years growth in reading skills after ten 2-hour sessions accompanied by parent-directed homework.

What is Tattum FAST Reading?

  • A merger of systematic phonics, phonological processing, and whole language.
  • A systematic phonetic reading program that includes blending, segmenting and phonemic manipulation throughout the program.
  • Direct instruction in sound/syllable tracking, spelling, reading and writing sentences from the first day of instruction.
  • A program that engages the Phonological, Orthographic, Meaning, and Context Processors through the use of hands-on materials and specialized techniques.
  • Correlated to a highly motivating reading series that matches the student’s interests and reading level.

Tattum FAST Reading is NOT:

  • Not Orton-Gillingham, ADD or Phonographix
  • Not centered on oral-motor development, although it recognizes that this may be helpful for some students
  • Not memory loaded; it does not have a lot of terms, rules or rituals to remember.  It does not rearrange the nervous system or teach articulation.

The Tattum FAST Reading program is effective for all students who require a boost in their reading skills. Students who are not enrolled at The Laureate® Academy and desire to participate in this program may do so through the Laureate® Learning Centre, a reading clinic providing intensive tutorials in the Tattum FAST Reading program.

Tattum FAST Reading Workshops

Students who have been taught with the Tattum FAST Reading program at the Laureate® Learning Centre have improved an average of more than 2 years in their basic reading skills with two to three weeks of intensive instruction. This program allows students to master the phonological and orthographic skills necessary for effective progress in reading.

The Tattum FAST Reading Workshop will prepare each participant to use the Tattum FAST Reading program to achieve similar growth in reading with their own students.

Although originally designed for intensive 1:1 instruction, this program may be easily adapted to small groups or the regular classroom.

Upcoming Workshop:


Workshop Fee: $ 1,450

Workshop fee includes the Tattum FAST Reading Manual, Teacher's Resource Guide, Phonics board/letterset, Program DVD's, and Reading Series. Lunch is provided each of the 4 days. Discounted group rates available. Those who have taken the FAST Reading workshop in the past may take the workshop as a Refresher for a fee of $850. 

Workshop Location & Hours

The Laureate®Academy, 100 Villa Maria Place, Winnipeg, MB  R3V 1A9

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Download the:  Registration Form will be available when dates are finalized


Contact Dora Lawrie at the Laureate® Learning Centre (204) 831-8181 for more information on this workshop.